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Reading Drawings

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Reading Drawings
Usually, There are 5 main areas on a drawing:
1) Part Number
2) Revision Block
3) Title Block
4) View of parts
5) Notes and Ordering Nomenclature

Part Number
Part number can be same as the drawing number, sometimes the revision number is included, or it can be totally different with the customer assigned number. This number is used to place an order.
Revision Block
The revision block is located at the right hand side of the drawing above the title block.
This area reflects the history of the drawing and contains:
- Version number
- Changing records and descriptions
- Editor's Approval
- Date
Title Block
The title block is located at the bottom of the drawing. Contained in the block you will find the following information:
- Title with abbreviated description
- Part number
- Drawing's number and revision level
- Project number
- Drawing size and scale
- Unit
- Tolerances level
- Date of drawing
- Name of Drawer
- Customer Pin
- Number of pages
View of Parts
Usually, drawing will contain views of the part, Typically 3 views are shown:
- Front view
- Side View
- Top view
Additional views are sometimes added when clarification of a specific feature is necessary
Notes and Ordering Nomenclature
Notes are additional information pertinent to the product drawn and may include:
- Custom configurations
- Special packaging or marking requirements
- Environmental, electrical and specification
- Testing documentation
- Application information

Nomenclature information describes how to order the part based upon a given choice of available option such as:
- Number of contacts, pin length, cable length
- Color
- Cable gauge
- Mounting hardware options and accessories
- Contact plating

Various symbols are used to express information that otherwise would not fit in the specific area or would be redundant.


Micro - Example: 30µ is 30 micro inches or .000030".  


Gold - Example: 30µ AU is .000030" of gold.  


Diameter of circle - Example: Ø.028 would be the diameter of a round pin.

Diameter of square - Example: .025 would be the diameter of a square pin.  


Plus or minus - used in tolerances  


Number of times or places - Example: 2x would be 2 times.  



[ ]

Metric measurement - Example: [.028]  

Arrows are used to point or show where the measurement starts and stops.